The tangible

  • a thing that is perceptible by touch.

For pretty much my entire adult life I've been making things. Unfortunately, I can't really show you these things as they no longer exist. They've either been lost, overwritten, deleted or forgotten. The life of a website creator, I suppose.

Screenshot of from 2005
A screenshot of circa 2005

I know I should have done a better job storing these things in a more long-term way. My original only exists in the Wayback Machine. The second iteration of my blog was hosted on Tumblr—which I've managed to export and archive. Thankfully, I uploaded many screenshots of my design iterations to Flickr (remember when Flickr was the best website on the web!?)

Due to the transient, ephemeral nature of the web, most of my creations have simply faded away into the history of the web; websites, posts, photos, etc... just a distant memory on the not-front page of Google. As good as dead.

The urge to make things hasn't really stopped; but I now long to make things I can pass on. Things that can be touched, felt and treasured. My outlet for creating tangible things is woodworking. From spoon carving to modest furniture making... I'm fucking hooked.

All of this is to say that there is likely to be a fair few posts about spoon carving, woodworking and making shit.

So, welcome to the third major iteration of dontcom—hopefully, more writing about creating. A meld of the two worlds in which I find myself: still creating for the web, but now also creating for IRL.