A month off

The past month I've not been drinking alcohol—dry July, if you will... I have, however, used that as an excuse to try out the vast range of 0% beers on the market. What follows is a brief review of the ones I would drink again.

Thanks to the jerks who provide beer I was able to try a bunch I ordinarily wouldn't have been able to source, so check their site if you want to partake.

Lets jump right in—here are the favourites (in no particular order) I've had over the past month:

  • Bare Beer by Sawmill. This has now become a staple for me. There's nothing crazy about this one—not a hazy, not massively hopped, just a solid everyday sort of beer.
  • Tiny by Garage Project. No favourite beer list would be complete without a GP beer... Hazy, hopy, a little on the sweet side, but I'd be happy to drink heaps.
  • Responsible Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA by Behemoth. Behemoth are known for the way-out labels and hoppy-as-fuck beers. This is a classic Behemoth beer... hoppy and drinkable.
  • Weird Weather by Mikkeller. (via Beer Jerk mixed case). This Danish microbrewery produce world-class beers and this is no exception. Hopefully we'll be able to find more of these in the wild.
  • Poolside DDH IPA by Big Drop. (via Beer Jerk mixed case). Big Drop are an UK no-alcohol brewing company. Yeah—they only make near-beer. And they're bloody good at it, too! Both this and the Pine Trail Pale Ale below were memorable. And you can get them all over the internet, which is nice. 
  • Pine Trail Pale by Big Drop (via Beer Jerk mixed case). See above. Just get it in ya.
  • Asahi 0%. This one really took me by surprise. We were out for Ramen a few weeks back and I had a nosey at the beers on the menu not expecting to order anything, but there it was... so who was I to refuse a beer with my ramen. This tastes almost exactly like regular Asahi, at first I thought there was some sort of mistake... but it said it clearly right there on the can: 0%. So if you're out for Japanese food and craving a beer with none of the booze then look no further!

Most of the above can be found in that Beer Jerk mixed 12 pack, but you can also find a bunch more on the Clear Head Drinks website.

Anyway—happy, safe & responsible drinking everyone!