APA – Extract Brew III

This is my fourth extract brew. I’ve been brewing with extract cos I’m lazy. Need a good chunk of time to sift through all my brew gear before I get cracking into an all grain beer again. Soon though.

As with two of the of previous extract brews I’ve opted for a Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Pouch American Pale ale. It comes with 25g of Chinook & 25g of Mosaic hops meant to be used for dry hopping. I’m a little crazy for hops so I always tend to add more. For this recipe I steeped the aforementioned hops plus another 25g of Citra and 25g of Chinook in 80°C water for 15 mins (I guess you could call this the whirlpool addition.)

As well as the one pouch of extract I also added a can of unhopped wheat extract. My goal here is to make an american wheat ale… Who knows how it’s going to turn out… but I’m fairly certain I’ll drink it anyway. I’ve upped my pitching rate as I’m currently unable to give the yeast as much O2 as I’d like. So this batch was two packs of US05. And this is also the first brew in my new temperature controlled system.

Img 1212
SS Brewtech FTSS

I will then do two rounds of dry hopping:

  • 25g Citra + 25g Chinook for 5 days just after airlock stops bubbling (at about 22°C) for 5 days
  • 25g Citra + 25g Chinook for 7 days at around 6°C

At which point I’ll rack to the keg and wait patiently for it to carb up.


Well – this is an excellent brew! It settled out at about 7% ABV which, agreed, is a little strong but you’d never know! The hop aromas are spot on and make for a very pleasant, drinkable ale!